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 Our Rules- Read First!

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PostSubject: Our Rules- Read First!   Wed Dec 31, 2008 1:29 pm

Please take some time to carefully read our rules concerning membership, images, behavior in our forum and general policies.

1. Membership

a- Any registration must be approved by the owner of the board. After the approval process you will be able to post. Please be patient, we try not to let you wait longer than 24 hours, almost always we will be quicker.

b- Only one account per person. Multiple registrations are forbidden and end up in cancellation of all of the accounts.

c- After the registration has been approved by a director, you are allowed to read in many of the forums. After 5 posts you will upgrade to "Full Member" and access is granted to all forums.

d- Important: Proxy servers are forbidden! If we see that, members get a ban!

2. General rules

a- Never post any information about sexual abuse or illegal sexual activity with children, neither concerning yourself nor other persons

b- Never post personal information about other members. Of course this means the real name, address, phone number, but includes a lot of other information and data.

c- The board is not meant to establish contact and must not be used for getting into contact. Especially it's forbidden to use the board for trying to meet minors (meaning persons under 16 years old, or below the age of consent set in your country) in real life, irrespective of the goals and purpose of a meeting (legal or illegal).

d- Please show judgment, if you want to discuss sexual issues or related themes. Try to keep posts factually and stick to the point. Posts that aren't tasteful or descriptions of overly sexual kind cannot be tolerated here.

e- No hot linking: Please deactivate links in your posts. Moderators will look after this. Only exception are links to posts of the board itself.

f- No links in signatures.

3. Images

a- Under no circumstances you are allowed to post pornographic pictures. User that break this rule will be have their account canceled immediately.

b- For safety reasons any pictures of nudity are not allowed. This means photos but also pictures from simulators, rendering programs and also that are recognized as part of a series that includes nudity but are non-nude photo's are allowed as long as the picture in question isn't cropped in any means to conceal the nudity these pictures will be deleted from the board.

c- All posted pictures must be legal in every respect. Beyond b- this also means copyrights.

d- The staff of the board will carefully watch to make sure that all pictures are legal and also will not allow pictures of a Grey area to illegality. (Example: erections recognizable under swimwear etc.)

e- Requests for pictures that do not comply with our rules are forbidden in the open forums as well as by PM.

f- Watch bandwidth. We do not allow videos in posts and signatures.

g- No linking to pictures on other websites. Linking draws attention to our board, which we do not need. Only post pictures that are uploaded to your own account at an image hoster.

h- The maximum size of your sigpic is 500x350 pixels!

4. Behavior in the forums:

a- No insults, no threats, no personal attacks!

b- Discussions might become controversy and overheated. Please think about standing to your opinion without using personal insulting.

c- If you feel threatened, insulted or attacked, use the "report" button to inform the moderators. Include a short description about the issue. Our moderators will deal with these reports as soon as possible.

d- The PM system: it's a great way to privately talk to other members, especially for communication among friends. All forum rules also apply to PMs. No harassment, no threatening, no insults! Also trading illegal material, data or pictures is strictly forbidden and will be dealt in the way described above.
If you get a PM of that kind, please contact a staff member, who will take action then immediately.

e- Never discuss contents of private PMs in the open forums. This would be violation of the member's privacy.

f- Never discuss issues with moderators or admins. It is their job to decide.
Moderators and admins monitor the board check all posts for our rules. They also will take all actions against members that break any rule. If you have questions, don't hesitate to ask, contact any staff member.

g- Please type correctly. This is not a chat room, where it might be OK to only use upper or lower case letters. Try to add some structure to your posts.
Make it easy to read your posts and show some respect for the other users.

5. Trolls

a- Trolls are users the primarily register to bother other or annoy users or the community. This behavior will not be tolerated.

b- Posts of trolls, that annoy and bother, will be deleted. This includes spam posts.

c- Try your best to post in the best matching part of the board. Sometimes our moderators may move your post to another part, don't be angry about that.
Multiple posts on one theme are not allowed, including tries to post the same question in several parts of the board. Please post once and use the best matching forum.
If you think, your post should be moved after you sent it, use the "report" button to inform a staff member who will do the move.
It's our job to move posts or to delete double posts.

d- Never copy, publish or duplicate posts of other users without their consent.

6. Conclusions:

Any breach of the rules above will normally result in a deletion of the post or you will find the post edited. You will also get a warning.
Repeated breach of the rules will lead to suspensions or bans.
There are issues, like posting child porn for example, that will cause an immediate ban of the user.

The board owner might change any of these rules any time without further notice.
But anyway - feel at home in our friendly board. We hope you will enjoy a comfortable atmosphere and that you will write a lot for your friends.
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Our Rules- Read First!
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